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Los Angeles County Private Investigators

Background Screening & Investigations

Los Angeles County Background Checks & Investigations

Background screening and investigations are often a vital part of many business and personal decisions.  For example, if you are thinking of hiring a new employee, a pre-employment background investigation can uncover information about your new hire before that person can become a liability to your company or put your business at substantial risk.

If you in the Los Angeles County area are considering employing the services of a nanny, babysitter, nurse, caregiver or housekeeper, you’ll want to be sure that person has no history of theft, assault, negligence or child abuse before you give them unrestricted access to your home, your children or other beloved family members.

Thinking of investing in a business venture or taking on a new business partner?  You’ll want exercise due diligence on the company to be sure that the business is a sound opportunity with no hidden pitfalls or major liabilities that haven’t been disclosed, or that your potential business partner is suited for the position, is trustworthy, and will have yours and your business’s best interest at heart.

General background investigations provide such information as criminal histories, civil litigation searches and drivers records.  For a more extensive background check, IBRC can search for relatives, associates, confirm marital status, check for aliases or false social security numbers, a statewide criminal and civil search, nationwide bankruptcy inquiry, and interviews with previous landlords, neighbors and/or co-workers.

Our background screening services and packages include:

If you are thinking of retaining a new employee, nanny, child or elder care provider, housekeeper or other individual, or considering a tenant for your rental property, contact IBRC for full details of our extensive background screening solutions.

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