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Suspicious Elder Deaths & Homicides

Los Angeles County Elder Death Investigations

Elder death investigation is an area of expertise in which few investigators have experience. Unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge regarding elder abuse, even for law enforcement, doctors, medical examiners, and the coroners, signs of potential elder abuse are most often over-looked or disregarded.   I say disregarded because even professionals do not know the distinction between bruises and injuries that are due to natural aging and those caused by inflicted abuse. At I.B.R.C., our elder death investigators are very highly trained and experienced in conducting comprehensive investigations into all types of questionable deaths.

When a child or domestic partner are examined for signs of abuse, a doctor, nurse, EMT, or law enforcement officer will look for certain medically established criteria to help confirm that abuse has taken place.  These established tell-tale signs are called markers.  These medical markers have been established  over the last 30 years of research for child abuse and domestic violence.  These medical markers have yet to be established  for the elder abuse victim.

There are many scenarios of elder abuse deaths that can occur and be missed by good-intentioned law enforcement and medical professionals.

 Our elder death investigation services may include thorough investigations into such matters as:
    • Homicide
    • Drug Overdoses
    • Negligence and Neglect
    • Abuse and Torture
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Euthanasia
    • Slip and Falls
    • Accidental Deaths


Sadly, elderly people do pass away from natural causes a lot more frequently than younger people, but if you suspect your elder friend, acquaintance or family member may have died under any kind of suspicious circumstances, contact us for full details of our elder death investigation services.


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