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We are a full-service firm of professional, experienced, licensed private investigators covering the entire Los Angeles county area of southern California and beyond. All our investigators are either active or retired law enforcement detectives to ensure you of the highest possible level of service at all times.

Los Angeles County Private Investigators

Service of Process & Court Document Delivery

Los Angeles County Process Service, Subpoena Service & Court Document Delivery

The Service of Process or a Subpoena is one of the most basic, but essentially important aspects of our Judicial system. If the service of process is not completed legally, litigation comes to a screeching halt. If the Subpoena is not properly served, an essential witness does not appear in court.

IBRC understands the importance of the proper service of a Subpoena or civil process. Our process or subpoena will be served by a retired cop that is not only licensed and bonded, but also has worked in the judicial system serving process and subpoenas.

IBRC’s Los Angeles County process servers have years of experience serving:

    • Bank Levies
    • Small Claims
    • Summons and Complaints
    • Writs
    • Garnishments
    • Criminal and Civil Subpoenas

We know how to research for alternative methods to serve the evasive subject. By the same token, with our years of experience we know how to leave a witness with a full understanding of what the service of subpoena or process represents, and that service is not personal, but just a part of the judicial process.

If we can help you with the service of a subpoena or process on a reluctant or evasive individual in Los Angeles County or surrounding areas, please contact us.


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